Découvre Mugaritz

I + D

Equipment more suited to a laboratory than a kitchen


Pipettes and test tubes jostling with pots and pans, paving the way to precision and perfection.

With a view to enhancing precision at Mugaritz, pipettes and test tubes were introduced in 2002. Traditionally associated with alchemy or science, they allowed the team to develop a methodology and standardize procedures in the kitchen, making it much easier to pass them on to new staff. Then came the culinary tweezers,which are excellent for getting busy chefs to slow down mentally and physically in the middle of a hectic service, and concentrate on the delicate art of plating.

The scientific method and lab tools that have been in use since 2009 facilitated a number of important changes. During any one service, different menus with around 25 different dishes could be served per person at different tables. Each team member could now work independently with great precision and delicacy, and not be disrupted when guests were being shown what goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen.