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Découvre Mugaritz

I + D

Another foray into scientific research


At Mugaritz almost everything starts with a question – partnerships included.

In 2005 we knocked on the door of the food and marine research centre AZTI-Tecnalia for the first time to ask them a slew of questions. One of them was this: How can we stabilize bubbles on a plate?. By 2006, our partnership with AZTI-Tecnalia was going strong and today, more than a decade later, it remains solid. For Mugaritz it has come to represent a qualitative leap in our relationship with the world of scientific research. In 2008 the research centre installed a smart kitchen designed byFagor, AZTI-Tecnalia and Mugaritz, to create the kitchen of the future.

This collaboration has led to chapters in science books, projects to improve the quality of life in older adults, articles in scientific journals, presentations at conferences on technology, nutrition and gastronomy…. We’ve even helped launch the first scientific journal on gastronomy, the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science (IJGFS), which publishes articles every year on the latest advances by chefs and scientists.

AZTI-Tecnalia helped Mugaritz to integrate routines that maximize efficiency. Today the two work together on research into nutrition and healthy aging – both diet and health care– multisensory gastronomy and new product lines, such as the New Food Spray range.  

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