Découvre Mugaritz

I + D

Confounding the senses, a game without rules


Our trips abroad often inspire playful experiments. But so does serendipity. Those fortuitous moments, known to pessimists as slip-ups, can also lead to fascinating journeys of discovery.

Once, when we were trying out fruit instead of vegetables in our stocks, mirepoix and soups, we accidently left some watermelon in the oven and burnt it. We could either throw it out, which was the obvious thing to do, or try something crazy and have some fun. It tasted like watermelon but looked like meat. So, we decided to play around with it, turning an oversight into a full-blown oxymoron: vegetarian carpaccio.

We started creating culinary trompe l’oeil in 2005 with edible stones and coal.Our guests enjoyed the game as much as we did so we started using them to challenge, confound and disconcert.  

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