Découvre Mugaritz

Uniquely local, uniquely small


Tear-shaped peas. Latxa sheep’s cheese. Carrots, harvested baby-size for the first time. 

A moment came when we began to see the markets in the nearby towns as an extension of the garden and hills around Mugaritz. From then on, we’ve visited the farmers’ markets daily, inspecting the stalls and selecting the best Basque produce from both sides of the border.

Our day begins with the tangy smell of the sea and a frenzy of early-morning portside activity. We are also in daily contact with farmers all over the region who supply us with exceptional products: Joxe Mari and Mirotz Arrospide, the Xixario brothers, José Manuel Zalakain from the Galtzata farmhouse, and Aitor, skipper of the “Arlanpe”. These unassuming artisans have travelled all over the world with Mugaritz – in words and images.