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Hands-on: kids in the kitchen


Exploring and experimenting to pique children's curiosity

Armix is a small village, population 15, located in the east of France. But it’s also the name of a rambunctious and very inquisitive spider dreamed up by the folks at Mugaritz. In 2010 Armix started experimenting with different recipes and flavours to find tasty, healthy and fun meals, which he then shared in the Basque language newspaper Berria.  

Armix taught kids what proteins are, what vitamins do for us, and the best food sources for both. In short, Armix taught them the keys to a healthy diet.

The purpose of this project was to promote good eating habits among children, foster a healthy food culture and reduce future disease associated with dietary behaviour.

In 2011 children began visiting us at Mugaritz for some hands-on experience in the kitchen as part of a programme called Jolas Gela (‘play room’ in Basque). And in 2012 Izaro was born. Today we travel the world with Izaro, experiencing new adventures.