Découvre Mugaritz

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Cooking is culture, fun, learning and magic


Andoni Luis Aduriz threw out a fishing net and caught a shoal of apprentice chefs, small fry but within the size limit. Everyone got caught up, big fish and little, in a beautiful new net they helped to cast. 

At Mugaritz we never miss the opportunity to pass on the value of traditional cooking and the importance of eating healthily to the young. That is the aim of Txikichef, a book which promotes diet as the key to a healthy lifestyle and values.

A little spice is added with stories and poems, riddles and refrains, fireside tales which bring popular recipes alive. The contributors sponsored a school canteen in Wukro, Ethiopia. In 2006, the book won Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the categories of Best Family Cookbook and Children of the World.

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