Découvre Mugaritz

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Herbs from A to Z


Herbs, stalks, sprouts and flowers make up one of the main ecosystems that Mugaritz’s cooking is based on.

We’ve spent many years in direct contact with the plant universe and we have learned to respect it, taking from the field only what is needed and what we consider of value. Every effort is made to ensure that the dish the plant is used for is as worthy of contemplation as the plant was in its natural surroundings. Nature on a plate has the potential to thrill.

In this book, Andoni Luis Aduriz, in close collaboration with botanist François-Luc Gauthier, takes us on a journey through the plant world and describes it in expert and minute detail. The book includes a basic botanical glossary, a guide to the culinary uses of plants and a compendium of herbs organized by aroma.

We only hope that the next time you are lucky enough to get out into the countryside, you will look at that fallen tree lying on the grass and covered in moss with new eyes. Once you have read the book, you will have a new store of knowledge which will help you to see things and understand nature in much greater depth.

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