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Muxua da mezua (the kiss as a message)


Rapturous kisses, rogue kisses, crushing kisses, healing kisses. 

A poet (Martxel Marshal), a sociologist (Iñaki Martínez de Albéniz) and the Mugaritz team joined up to share a few of life’s small pleasures: games, candy and kisses. It all happened at the Picnic Sessions at the Dos de Mayo Art Centre (CA2M) in Móstoles, Madrid, where the first Mugaritz performance had been held during The Candy Project in 2015.

The Kiss my Kiss participants were invited to use kisses and candy to study the social norms associated with eating, talking, singing and kissing.

Mugaritz presented Kiss my Kiss at this year’s Diálogos de Cocina (Kitchen Dialogues), a biannual conference which challenges participants to reflect on food-related themes from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The 2017 event was held in San Sebastian’s Tabakalera Cultural Centre. 

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