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Discover Mugaritz



Madrid Culinary Campus launches the Mugaritz Postgraduate Course on Creative Processes

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Andoni Luis Aduriz is d the winner Of The Icon Award 2023 by The World?s 50 Best Restaurants

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Mugaritz kicks off its 25th anniversary season on 29 April with a proposal that revolves around memories of the future

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Diálogos de Cocina 2023 will cover today's gastronomy from end to end.

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Andoni Luis Aduriz is appointed Ambassador of the Atapuerca Foundation

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La Tetera Azul and Andoni Luis Aduriz present Joko a line of infusions for drinking and eating

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Real Sociedad, Mugaritz and AZTI team up to innovate in sports nutrition

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The new Mugaritz season, exploring the reasons behind taste, will start on 30 April

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Nuestra sumiller Haemin Song ganadora del Campeonato de Euskadi de Sumilleres

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Andoni Luis Aduriz receives the National Hostelería de España Award for Best Chef-Entrepreneur of the Year

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Mugaritz receives the Sferic Award for its work in the field of fermentation.

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Diálogos de Cocina: a special edition to get back on the pulse of gastronomy

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Grupo Cosentino y Mugaritz: más de una década de proyectos y valores compartidos

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Bilbao will Food 4 Future World Summit, the most innovative event and conference to transform the food and beverage industry

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Mugaritz opens its doors on the 1st of may with a proposal to reimagine the first times

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Diálogos de Cocina se reinventa en 2021 para repartir chutes intravenosos de ánimo e inspiración de forma virtual

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Andoni Luis Aduriz is d as Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine

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Andoni Luis Aduriz en "Aprendemos Juntos" de BBVA en colaboración con El País El País:

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Mugaritz will reopen its doors next July 31st with the desire to be more Mugaritz than ever

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Mugaritz invites to open the mind not just the mouth in its new season

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