Découvre Mugaritz

I + D

What are you made of?


Patience, aggression, bitterness, frankness, salt, spice, questions, short answers…

The project Bicho eres un bichowas based on an eleven-month correspondence between choreographers Filipa Francisco and Idoia Zabaleta as they prepared for a performance and a book in 2009.

They asked Mugaritz to imagine what a distillation of their bodies would taste like, and to create a performance-banquet where guests could taste it. An anthropophagical event was arranged, marking the debut of the Mugaritz team in the world of performing arts – and guests were served vials containing a concentration of the two women.

With this experience, we discovered the potential of using drama in the gastronomic world and began to look more closely into the art of provocation. 

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