Découvre Mugaritz

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Environment, history, anthropology and nature


At Mugaritz we unconsciously seek excitement in novelty, but sometimes we are surprised by the treasures of the past.

Stone is not often used for tableware. Its hardness means it cannot be moulded easily; the porous nature of some stone presents serious design challenges; and the need to work on each piece individually makes mass production unfeasible.

Luckily there are people like Joseba Lekuonawho are able to cross the line between madness and genius, making the impossible possible. His designs combine craftsmanship and innovation, elevating the artisan’s skill to the highest of creative processes.

The Black Flysch series consists of marbled black limestone pebbles, treasures polished by the sea in the coastal town of Mutriku. The sandstone featured in the Valdorba series comes from the Navarre valley of the same name. An observer of nature, Joseba chooses stone with an ultrafine grain, ochre tones and brown hues. The resulting pieces have a smooth, warm texture that you can’t help touching.

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