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Discover Mugaritz

I + D

Shaping the new season with a film director, illustrator and audiovisual producer


These are months of great intensity in which we dedicate all our efforts to the conception, development and implementation of the creations that year after year shape the experience that we will share with our diners.

To create, we have learned that we need space, time and team. That is why, during these months, all the facilities at Mugaritz are used collectively for R&D; all the people work on the same effort and the whole day is dedicated to designing what will come...

In this exciting journey we are not alone, we have involved accomplices and inspirational people - outside of gastronomy - whom we bring together, around a table to share tests, sketches, and possible paths... but, above all, to share after-dinner conversation, something we love to do and where we learn a lot from.

For the first tasting of this season we sat around the table with film director Asier Altuna, film producer Marian Fernández and illustrator Cristina Daura.  

"It's a feeling similar to when you see a good film and you leave the cinema happy, because you liked the film, but in the following days you think about those images, the ideas behind them, the edition and you feel curious to know more about the author, the story...". Asier Altuna's sensation after the tasting.

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