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I + D

Vis à Vis: the desire to redefine our liquid proposal


If we "eat" the result of R&D work established in our creative period, why not do the same with wines?

Vis à vis is a living and mutant series of wines resulting from hand-woven collaborations with allied producers, complicit characters or simply inspiring people with whom we explore exciting proposals that are uncorked only at Mugaritz, depending on the availability of shared impulses; of the encounter that occurs both viticultural and creative issues, but above all, of desire combined in favor of tasting exceptional and unable glasses.

We identify reserves, butts or selections of wines that are in tune with the sensibility of Mugaritz. And vice versa. Ultimately, this is a "Vis à Vis" project, a dialogue driven by the Mugaritz team with the desire to bring to our table wineries from our immediate surroundings (at the momento from Spain) with stories and curiosities to contribute.

The bottles resulting from this exchange are only available at Mugaritz, during each season, adding value to the restaurant's own harmonies section, but also value to the discourse of the allied producers themselves who, based on trust and a vocation for doing different things, join this commitment to diversify the ways of experiencing wine.

Why not propose to our public to entrust us with the glass and let us serve them options defined together with the wineries themselves, from a creative and R&D perspective, as is usually the case with our selection of dishes?

Questions like these led us to redefine the role that beverages play in Mugaritz: as an object, as a product, as a trigger for memories and an element of added value within the experience, but also as a way to establish sui generis collaborations where Vis à Vis would be neither this nor that, but something that can only be enjoyed in -and with- Mugaritz.