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Las formas del agua


Water as a culinary element: what value does it have? Sometimes, in a recipe, water is not even included in the ingredients, because it is taken for granted that it is always available.

Like the double bass in a quartet, water sets the rhythm of many compositions. It is the same with our heart: it is there, always, beating in our chest, without us sometimes being aware of the role it plays. We normalise its presence, we forget that it is there, beating and setting the rhythm of our lives.

Well, that which is easily normalised and goes unnoticed, interests us at Mugaritz. We are interested in the role of water in the kitchen, as an ingredient, as a support, as a pretext, as a challenge, as a self-limitation, as a texture, as a temperature?

We have explored the infinite forms that water can take as a protagonist element, doing everything with it: tongues, icy kisses, nipples, cocks, condoms, scrapes and slushies, unthinkable supports....

In 2019, we use water for something else, to explore ways of eating the air.



Las formas del agua from Mugaritz on Vimeo.

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