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I + D

Intuition and fate as creative techniques


Two techniques that we learnt in different moments but that they act on the same element: pectins. 

Pectins are heteropolysaccharides that are present to a greater or lesser extent in vegetable products. In 2004 we learnt that immersing vege in a lime bath ed pectins into calcium pectates; while in 2016 we discovered that the enzyme pectinase broke down these pectins, turning them into almost a puree. Intuition made us realise that they could be crossed, although without knowing the final results...
Albedo in lime, appetizer: for this idea we brought together these two techniques that were discovered at different times but which intertwine over time to generate a contradiction. A technique to interpret the idea of transformation and generate a contrast. A challenge to the senses and to the touch: soft or hard coating, creamy or rough interior, cooked or uncooked?
In this snack we used citron albedos (Citrus medica var. etrog) and soaked them in a lime bath for two hours and then impregnated them with pectinase for 6 hours. This gives them a smooth outer texture and a creamy inner texture. We accompany it with a smoked sardine aioli and some lemon thyme leaves.