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Andoni Luis Aduriz swaps his kitchen


Andoni Luis Aduriz will participate in the international restaurant swap of 37 of the best chefs of the world in The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle

Andoni Luis Aduriz will be one of the 37 world’s best chefs that will swap kitchens, houses and indentities to prepare a menu on the 9th of july in the restaurant of destination. Aduriz, Ducasse, Redzepi, Atala, Aizpitarte, Bottura, Brock, Narisawa, Shewry, Kinch, Ros, Camanini, Grebaut, Saint-Pierre, Gürs, Wetzel, Crenn and so many more are among the line-up. Each guest chef, after having found out the results of Gelinaz! ballot will travel to the country of destination three days prior to the event to approach the culture and get to know its market. To prepare the 8-course menu they will not take ingredients from home and will have to use local products. Visiting chefs will not only cook in their new kitchen, but also have a glimpse of their colleague’s life living in his house.

The guest chef’s indentity will only be revealed to you step by step during the dinner, on July 9th. Tickets available on: