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Mugaritz BSO.

"MUGARITZ BSO, An original soundtrack: culinary scores, tales and a documentary about creative synergies".

The MUGARITZ BSO project concludes with the publication of a book containing an interpretation of 12 Mugaritz dishes in different languages.
It is a limited edition with tales by Harkaitz Cano, recipes from Mugaritz, a music CD and a documentary about the creative process.

'Mugaritz BSO' was launched five years ago as a collaborative gastronomic-music project by chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and musician Felipe Ugarte.

Over the last three years, Felipe Ugarte has explored the meaning, preparation and history of some of the Mugaritz culinary formulas with the ultimate goal of performing them in the language of music. The creative process involved in putting the tracks together led to the production of a documentary, recorded by Juantxo Sardon and co-directed by him and Felipe Ugarte, which charts the complete evolution of the project, from the preparation of the dishes and the journeys to Ethiopia and Peru in search of melodies to the studio recordings. The result is a mixture of culinary preparations and the musical creation of eight of the 12 compositions. Juan Hernández and Felipe Ugarte were responsible for the musical production.

The principal aim of the documentary was to show how ideas developed and how culinary creation was transformed into a musical creation by exploiting the vast range of colours, plasticity and textures common to both worlds, gastronomy and music. Quality, sensitivity and synthesis, which in many respects are the hallmarks of Mugaritz, were the central themes of the project.

The CD features several music genres and was recorded in association with established musicians and various well-known figures, including Andoni Luis Aduriz and Felipe Ugarte themselves as well as Alos Quartet, Carlos Mena, Tanya Tagaq, Manuel Miranda and RamZ. Thanks to the collaboration of Sony Music España, it will be available on iTunes and other digital platforms in January 2013.

As the climax to this five-year adventure, the writer Harkaitz Cano, recently awarded the Basque Literature Prize, was chosen to "translate" the 12 Mugaritz recipes into the language of literature. "Tales, poems and spells" are what he has called them. Óscar Oliva was responsible for the photographic interpretation, capturing images of all the recipes as well as the entire making-of process.

Mugaritz BSO is a limited edition available only until stocks run out at our online store and other selected stores.

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