Découvre Mugaritz

I + D

The science of the stove


A pause along the way to look back with a fresh perspective.

The inertia of the day to day means that we are often unaware of our evolution (or involution) and the key moments that have a profound impact on an endeavour’s DNA. Mugaritz. A Natural Science of Cooking, published in Spanish, English and Dutch, allowed us to pause and take stock of what we had built so far.

The book looks back at dramatic events, such as the fire that devastated our kitchen in 2010, and recalls the naïveté of our first steps. It is an overview of our journey up to that point, reflecting on issues such as the importance of nature and unique producers, our approach to science, the creation of our culinary language and the stories contained in our dishes. The book is illustrated with stunning photographs and includes 70 recipes.

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