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Sustrai: beer and coastal herbs

Mugaritz, with the help of Casasola and Porto-Muiños, has united two products that were never paired together before: beer and coastal herbs.

In 2013 in a workshop held by both Porto-Muiños and Mugaritz in Madrid Fusión we began with the idea of elaborating a craft beer with coastal herbs. Coastal herbs are greens grown on the coast with which we have not only worked with for many years but from which we have benefitted learning in-depth from our friends at Porto-Muiños.

After becoming familiar with the elaboration process, the trials and the results that helped us to discover the beer we wanted to have, the Casasola Brewery opened they doors to take this project further.

As a result of the  hard work, we obtained Sustrai, which means Roots in Basque, our own artisanal beer. It is an allusion to our origin and inspiration; to the roots of the oak tree which holds down the ground we work on. There are two different types of beer:

Zuria: a wheat-based beer that is fresh, smooth and easy to drink.

Halo-ale: a beer made with coastal herbs which carries with it a more subtile marine touch. Herbaceous refinements.

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