Découvre Mugaritz


Mugaritz celebrates 12 years in the TOP10 of the Restaurant magazine


During the gala held this Wednesday, the 5th of April, in Melbourne (Australia), Mugaritz has been recognized as the ninth best restaurant in the world and the only one who has remained in the TOP 10 of the Restaurant Magazine worldwide ranking for 12 consecutive years.

In one week, the 12th of April, Mugaritz will begin the 2017 season, with a new gastronomic offering which will seek to question the logic of the culinary world and to provoke a reflection in all diners.

In order to achieve this, this year they have sought to escape culturally acquired habits whose reasons we rarely question. In this way, in a break with tradition the final stage in the conventional order of a meal has been dropped. The experience will no longer finish on a sweet note nevertheless a sprinkling of sweetness will punctuate the menu.

Besides, this year more than 80% of the dishes will not require cutlery. This allows for other senses to be stimulated before the sense of taste. When one eats with hands more primal customs are evoked.