Découvre Mugaritz

I + D

Intermittent acceleration, irregular balance, dynamic opening


Mugaritz, like the free movement of an egg rolling on a table…

In the epilogue to The aesthetic of the egg (egg and labyrinth), sculptor Jorge Oteiza explains the two conclusions that emerged from his experiments on the disoccupation of the sphere. The first was that it is closed and empty. The second—which he called “mobile pair”—was that it could be divided in two half discs and then reassembled in many versions and variants, each with their unique assemblies and trajectories. The difference between the versions was the welding point chosen to unite the hemispheres in each mobile pair.


Using this concept as a springboard, designer Santos Bregaña and artist Manu Muniategiandikoetxea devised table centrepieces that recreate the Oteizian experiment, representing the disoccupation of the sphere by means of porcelain plates that are divided into two half discs and then reassembled, giving form to different variants of the mobile pair.


What better way to illustrate the philosophy of Mugaritz than this yearning for the free movement of an egg rolling on a table: intermittent acceleration, irregular balance, dynamic opening.

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