Découvre Mugaritz

I + D

Culture and cuisine, fusion and diffusion


The first edition of the Tabula series was published in 2000. Featuring contributions by historians, artists, anthropologists, and writers, the aim of the collection is to reflect after-dinner conversation in print by presenting cross-disciplinary perspectives on a given theme.

The first issue, which was also Mugaritz’s first book, featured the egg, the product that introduced the team to science. It was also a declaration of intent with regards to working with different areas of knowledge. Tabula huevo, includes contributions on the egg from fields as diverse as architecture, philosophy, anthropology and journalism.

"It is really amazing that they come out of your ass too! They’re not the roundest of foods, but they’re the next best thing. What can I say? They are so special, they’d have you cock-a-doodle-doing!" (translation from Basque) Xabier Euzkitze, bertsolari

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