Découvre Mugaritz

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One of the first things we did when the restaurant was ready to open was to design the menu card. 

Inspired by the border-tree that gives the restaurant its name and the traditions of our surroundings, we based our menu card on the axe used by Basque aizkolariak (woodchoppers), creating an object that was very practical and a pleasure to use, as it was reminiscent of the wooden rods that were used to hang newspapers from the walls in old English clubs.

To bring the axe-inspired menu card to life, we modified authentic, traditional Basque axe handles with the help of one of the few craftsmen who still practised the art of axe-making. The handles were made of beech wood that had been gathered in winter so the sap would not run and the wood would not become fragile.

In each of the handles, a slot was carved out and a spring clip was inserted so sheets of paper that had the menu printed on them could be clamped in. Over the years, changes were made to the menu cards, adding different visual elements in pencil or acrylic, including the illustration of taraxacum officinale, the dandelion.

The image of the dandelion connected with the abundant use of wild herbs in some of our recipes, as well as with the concept of lightness and fineness, hallmarks of our house. 

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