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Diccionario botánico para cocineros

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The herbs and everything around a stem, a flower or the most delicate shoot that one can find in a forest, a stream or a gentle hill are some of the scenes where the Mugaritz cooking is devised. We have spent many years in touch with that vegetable universe and we have learned to respect it without making excesses, without taking more field than the strictly necessary and valuable, always looking for the culinary result to be worth as much or more than its contemplation in the open air. The green nature in the dish causes emotion.

That is why Andoni Luis Aduriz, in close collaboration with botanist François-Luc Gauthier, will suggest us a journey across the vegetable world in this work, described with the meticulousness of those who observe and study it during its life cycle.

We only hope that, if you are lucky enough to be able to go to the countryside, you will look with new eyes that fallen trunk, lying on the grass, and almost devoured by the moss. You will learn to look at it profoundly. Not with those eyes, your eyes, because they will be useless. You will need the other ones: those in the pocket of your skin that you will find after reading this book.

This work contains an elemental botanic glossary, a guide of culinary uses of the plants and a herbarium classified by scents.