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Discover Mugaritz


Mugaritz will reopen its doors next July 31st with the desire to be more Mugaritz than ever


After months of uncertainty and doubts, Mugaritz will reopen its doors next July 31st with the will to be more Mugaritz than ever. This convulsive situation, which has forced us to stop and reflect on the world we are creating, has served to confirm what we are and want to be: a space for searching. From our homes, we have wanted to face this complex situation through our main tool: creativity. Together, we have taken refuge in a metaphorical tree house so that from this corner, we can propose challenges that invite us to awaken our ingenuity. We have shared these exercises with our community in the social media, with the desire to contribute a different look towards this new reality and the results can be seen here.

The generosity, courage, strength, and community spirit with which society has responded to this situation have been an inspiration to us and have reminded us, once again, that "the possible of the impossible is measured by the will of the human being”.