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Discover Mugaritz


Mugaritz questions the concept of time for its 20th anniversary


Mugaritz invites its guests the chance to participate in the construction of the experience by daring them to provoke their imagination.

Mugaritz raises the curtain on its twentieth season on April 11 inviting guests to actively participate in the construction of the experience: a narrative which will last for approximately two and a half hours. A series of intertwined elements will face guests posing the question whether to eat and drink or to seize the occasion to imagine all that may be possible beyond the simple act of eating.

Furthermore, similar to every other season, five lucky winners and their respective companions will enjoy the opportunity to experience the 2018 narrative on April 10th, one day before the official opening in our “You open the doors to Mugaritz” initiative.

"Mugaritz is a place of research, we want those who visit us to share their doubts and their curiosity and that each one of us can draw our own conclusions, and complete the ending of each person's narrative" explains Andoni Luis Aduriz. How long does a moment last? Is there a greater luxury than time? Can time respect what is done without it? Can you catch a moment?

If the guest is to lend Mugaritz what is most precious to them, time, then through their imagination and the senses, they are able to finish or rewrite the narrative from their own experience.

Moreover, Mugaritz builds upon an idea which arose three years ago: the unification of the solid and the liquid; becoming a single element, an indivisible composition. Beyond the concept of wine pairing, shared stories act as the sixth flavour with an intrinsic incalculable value. They make us believe that one cannot exist without the other.

This year, among other objectives, Mugaritz will endeavour to be creative with guests and also deepen our knowledge of how creativity works. The team will thus work with organisations such as the BCBL (Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language), with whom it collaborates to understand the creative process and the changes that occur in the minds of chefs. We will also continue to collaborate with international universities analysing how we eat. The work with scientists, artists and even illusionists will be part of the everyday life of this creative ecosystem.

We will celebrate these 20 years of team work, pledges, hopes and efforts focused onconsolidating a proper language within gastronomy to share an approach to living.